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Is a Portrait Party right for you?

Portrait Party flyer


What Is A Children's Portrait Party?

As a hostess or host of a portrait party, you invite your friends, neighbors, and family to your boy1home or our studio for a professional portrait session. We will photograph "mini" sessions with each child.  The modest $40.00 fee per child includes one photo-unit of photographs, for example: an 8x10 or two 5x7 or eight wallets.

We will provide the hostess or host with flyers, consistent e-mail announcements, scheduling-information sheets and upon request invitations. The hostess earns a credit of 15% of the total sales made within a week of the party.   The credit can be used on portraits of their children, their spouse, or images of the hostess/host or family pet that were taken that day.

The hostess/host will also receive a $40 - one photo-unit credit for each party she books within two weeks of their party.


How Does It Work?

A minimum of 10 children is required for each party. (Including the children of the host or hostess) The host/hostess receives a 15% credit towards their order.

Dual hosting is OK! We can photograph as many as 30 sessions for a full day party.

TaylorEach session is 15 o 20 minutes long. The sessions are set up by the host/hostess, prior to the party date.
Guests with more then one child MUST book a session for each child. (If they have 3 children, they must reserve 3 separate 15-20 minute time slots.)
All sessions must be booked, back to back. The invited guests must contact the hostess/host, to schedule their session times.
The invited guests should arrive at least 10 minutes prior to their scheduled session, or can come and stay for the entire party. During each session the guests will receive an information sheet that explains the ordering process, copyright information, a model release, and information on where to view their children's images.


How do you order your portraits?

All images will be available for viewing and purchasing at the party. Portraits must be ordered and paid in full within two weeks of the portrait party to save 20 % off the standard price. We accept Visa, Mastercard, & Checks. If you wish to pay by check, it is the guests responsibility to get the check to our studio before the ordering deadline. All late orders or subsequent orders will not go toward the commission for the host/hostess. In about  4 weeks, from the date the orders are received by the studio, the portraits will be available for pick up by the hostess.

Parents and guardians are welcome to bring hats, the child’s favorite toy, or any item of interest. We also offer themed sessions.


Responsibilities of the host or hostess:

1. Send invitations.
2. Schedule all appointments, with the guests.
3. Send the guest listing to the photographer, 1 week prior to the party.
4. Be present during the entire party.
5. Supply simple refreshments to your guests.
6. Remind your guests throughout the party and ordering period to place their orders within the time limit so that you will receive your commission.
7. We encourage you to sign up your guests, to have their own portrait party, so you will receive your $40-photo unit credit per party.
8. Pick up and deliver the orders to your guests, when ready.

Happy Faces Having Fun!

Hostess/host  Benefits:

1.Receive commissions from the total sales and bookings, from your party, to be used for portraits taken of your child the day of the party.
2. A FUN occasion to share with your family and friends.
3. Your guests will thank you for providing them, with the opportunity to have professional portraits taken of their children, they will treasure for a lifetime.

Portrait Parties are available for Birthdays, Family Reunions, Sleepovers, Weddings or any other occasion. We can also do Pet Portrait Parties for private parties or fundraisers.

If you are interested in earning free professional portraits and having a blast doing it, then hosting a Portrait Party is for you!


Sample Children's Portraits


Portrait Party Prices