Commitment to Excellence

With our prestige wedding coverage you receive

nineteen steps beyond the ordinary.


Tessmer of Fairfax f8 Photographic Adventure Tours for 2019 and 2021.

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A short cruise from Vancover to Alaska followd by a two week land tour of Alaska and north west Canada are available for late summer of 2019. In 2021 a full world cuise from Miami to London is planned. The cruise consists of 9 unique voyages of 12 to 21 dsys. You can participate in any part. (For additional information see f8 Photographic Adventure Tours.)

Joe Tessmer is a coauhor of The Early 21st Century Guide to Portraiture

Joseph Tessmer's work is expected to benefit thousands of photographers.

Within the guide, there are llighting diagrams and detailed instructions for use by photographers at any level of expertise. The guide of instructions and illustrations contains 14 different categories.

Tessmer of Fairfax receives 2014 Southeastern Award

The Southeastern Professional Photography Association Awards Joseph Tessmer theSoutheastern Award.

Joseph Tessmer a Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman was prsented the Southeastern Award for "Outstanding Service and Siginificant Contributions to the Photographic Industry" by SEPPA president George Singleton.

Commitment to Photographic Excellence

With our prestige wedding coverage, you receive, nineteen steps beyond the ordinary. To provide you, our client, with the finest in QUALITY, VALUE, and SERVICE:

1. Your photographs are produced using professional, state of the art, photographic materials and equipment.

2. Your originals, candid files and portraits are processed by the best custom laboratories in the country. Your clear, vibrant originals files are available for selection within a week after the wedding.

3. Your appointments can be scheduled at your convenience with our extended evening and weekend hours.

4. Your photographs are displayed using the finest albums, folios, and frames.

5. Your bridal portrait sitting can be conducted in the comfort of your home or other location, to prevent your gown from being damaged in transit. Your framed portrait can be prepared for display at your reception.

6. With our prestige coverage, at your convenience, we will have a final planning meeting with you three or four weeks before the wedding. At this time, we will develop, in consultation with you, a master schedule of the events of the day.

7. Your LOVE STORY SERIES and PORTRAIT SERIES (40 to 90 very special images) can be included in your wedding coverage.

8. With our prestige coverage, we can ATTEND YOUR REHEARSAL so that we may meet ALL of the principals involved in your wedding, i.e., everyone in the wedding party, all parents and grandparents, officiant, etc. We see exactly how your ceremony is planned and can make any special last minute arrangements that might be required.

9. Your wedding is photographed using our low profile technique. We believe that your photographer(s) should be as unobtrusive as possible while, obtaining the photographs you want.

10. Your photographic coverage of your wedding day can be arranged so that you can relax and share the joy of the occasion with your family and friends WITHOUT the hassle and frustration experienced by so many couples.

11. Your choices of special effects, multiple exposures, and multiple lighting techniques are included in our coverage.

12. You can select our services from our modular format, with a wide range of prices, so that you can choose ONLY the services and products you desire. You never pay for services or products you neither want nor need.

13. Portrait sittings, of the parents and all family members, of both the bride and groom, as well as, portraits of all members of the wedding party, can be included in any of our plans.

14. Your certified photographic craftsaman is also a master photographer who is in an ongoing educational photographic curriculum and is constantly updating his skills. State of the art techniques are always in use.

15. As a master photographer and certified photographic craftsman I subscribe to the code of ethics of the Professional Photographers of America, The American Society of Photographers, South Eastern Professional Photographers Association, Professional Photographers Society of Greater Washington, the National Press Club, and the White House News Photographers Association as a specialist in wedding photography.

16. Your image files are permanently stored, using our long term file storage techniques.

17. Your photographic wedding coverage comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee.

18. American Craftspeople make all of our prints and folios in the U.S.A.