Order of Coverage

Remove lots of stress on your wedding day by

having your photographer take as many

photographs of the wedding party before the

ceremony as possible. See below.

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Order of Coverage

The most important suggestion that can be given to a couple planning to have formal photographic coverage of a wedding today is to have as much of the photography as possible completed before the ceremony. There are many advantages, for the couple, their relatives and friends to follow the contemporary trend of having the posed and altar return photographs at the church completed before the beginning of the wedding namely:

The schedule can be arranged so that the bride and groom see each other for the first time, in their wedding clothes, in private. This gives both of them an opportunity to express their inner emotions, which can be impossible if anyone else is present. The couple will be more relaxed and enjoy the ceremony more.

The atmosphere, during the photographic session, will be more relaxed since the members of the wedding party will not be too anxious to get to the reception.

The couple will not be taken away from friends and relatives after the ceremony, by the photographer, for the traditional photographs. It causes the day to flow more smoothly, and reduces stress.

Photographs are taken when the wedding party is freshly groomed and are less likely to be worried about their appearance.

Photographs of various family groupings are not forgotten or omitted in the hast of the moment.

The photographs can be personalized.

Weddings start on time and everyone is more relaxed.

Less time is devoted to the wedding photography since the attention of the wedding party is not split between the photographer and the guests who often remain after the wedding to observe the photographic session and socialize.

Psychologists point out that it is not the time involved in an activity that tires people, but rather it is the stress and tension of the day. Moving as much photography as possible, from after the ceremony, to before the ceremony, considerably reduces the tension and stress.