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Bridal Make-up Tips

The traditional bridal makeup should reflect the mood of the occasion, soft, and glowing. Unlike typical day makeup, bridal makeup must be applied to photograph properly. In addition the makeup must outlast the rigors of the day, i.e., becoming overheated, kissing relatives, and possibly tears of joy. For these reasons, it is important to use products that are long lasting and to apply them properly.

Use appropriate skin care products at for at least six months before the wedding to insure any dehydration, dryness or extra oiliness is removed to create a balanced glowing skin. Clean and moisturize your skin one-half hour before makeup application.

If a concealer is used, it should be one shade lighter than the area under the eyes. Neatly dab and blend the concealer over blemishes and under the shadow areas of the eyes. ERASE by Max Factor is very handy for covering up minor blemishes. It is available in a variety of shades for different skin tones.

Use a shade of foundation on your face that matches your skin tone. Liquid base makeups seem to work best.

Blend the foundation into the hairline, around the jawline and under the nose and possibly onto the ears if necessary. Use a latex sponge and short downward strokes.

Foundation must be perfectly powered. Use a powder puff to press the powder into the foundation and carefully brush off any excess. Take care to avoid a caky finish.

Apply a soft, natural color blusher. Remember the natural high color of the blushing bride! Brush the blusher either just under the cheekbone and up gently over the cheekbone, or on the apples of the cheeks only. Keep the shape of the face in mind.

Do not apply any blusher to the ears.

Blend the blusher carefully to avoid hard lines. You should not see where the blusher starts and where it finishes.

Check the symmetry. The blushers and eye makeup should be same strength on both sides.

Lasting color for the eye shadow requires a base. Think in terms of a highlight, a mid-range and contour colors to shape the eyes. Earth tones; peaches, taupes and plums work well with many brides.

Use waterproof mascara if feasible and avoid clumping. Separate the lashes with a brush.

Make sure the eyebrows do not have any foundation or powder in them.

Shade eyebrows evenly. Use a lip pencil to prevent "bleeding" and fill lightly to prolong color.

Choose a coordinating lip pencil. Avoid contrasting or darker colors.

Allow time to create a perfectly symmetrical lip line.

Apply the lipstick to the corners of the mouth. Keep the color consistent across the mouth. Apply the lipstick with a brush, blot with a tissue, apply a second coat and blot again.

Apply gloss in the center of the lower lip only and make sure that the gloss is lightly blended.

Frosted lipstick and eye shadow should NOT be worn. The frosting reflects light just like a road sign giving the wearer a "ghoulish" appearance.

You can freshen your makeup between the ceremony and the reception to compensate for lighting changes and the "party" atmosphere.

Have a "face rehearsal" to try out your make-up and perfume selection a few days before your wedding.

Your makeup should always look natural never theatrical. This is a case of LESS IS BEST.