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Tessmer of Fairfax f8 Photographic Adventure Tours for 2019 and 2021.

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A short cruise from Vancover to Alaska followd by a two week land tour of Alaska and north west Canada are available for late summer of 2019. In 2021 a full world cuise from Miami to London is planned. The cruise consists of 9 unique voyages of 12 to 21 dsys. You can participate in any part. (For additional information see f8 Photographic Adventure Tours.)

Joe Tessmer is a coauhor of The Early 21st Century Guide to Portraiture

Joseph Tessmer's work is expected to benefit thousands of photographers.

Within the guide, there are llighting diagrams and detailed instructions for use by photographers at any level of expertise. The guide of instructions and illustrations contains 14 different categories.

Tessmer of Fairfax receives 2014 Southeastern Award

The Southeastern Professional Photography Association Awards Joseph Tessmer theSoutheastern Award.

Joseph Tessmer a Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman was prsented the Southeastern Award for "Outstanding Service and Siginificant Contributions to the Photographic Industry" by SEPPA president George Singleton.

Client Comments and Reviews

"Your workmanship has been accepted as representing the highest standards in the stimulating and exciting art of professional photography. You have been accepted as an individual of high character, moral standards and good citizenship."

- Robert D. Lloyd, President, Professional Photographers of America (PPA)

"First of all, in the months leading up to our ceremony, you were always very helpful whenever I called to ask one of my zillion questions and never at any time did you make me feel as if I was bothering you with minor details. You always made me feel as if I was the most important customer you had and assured me that my plans were on track and everything was under control....And what can I say about Valeta--she's a gem! It was like having another sister around to help out and calm my nerves! She was by my side all the way and dropped whatever she was doing when I neeed her assistance....Danny and I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you did. We have a lot of beautiful pictures to remember of our special day by and it's all due to your professionalism and expertise."

- Gerry Jefferson


"What a treat to have our own professional staff photograher: Joe Tessmer--Joe took great photos of the dress rehearsal, the opening night show and of the Gala... Joe's professional contribution of capturing our great moments will allow all of us to have lasting photographic impressions of this beautiful production."

- Jan Stewart: Producer

"Your photographs truly captured the spirit of the day and our relationship. We'll look at this album for years to come and no matter how many years go by, we'll still feel grateful to you for making our wedding day not only beautiful, but as stress free as possible."

- Vandana and Jason George

"The work was brilliant, the service is outstanding and the contact is a pleasure. This is a totally customer-centered business and I recommend it unreservedly."

- Michael Woolf Editor ""Magicana" Magazine Wellington New Zealand

"We just wanted to thank you for taking such beautiful pictures at our wedding. You really captured the spirit and emotion of the day, and you have preserved memories to last a lifetime. It was a crazy and hectic day, but you really did a great job. We couldn't be happier with our pictures. Thanks again for being such a special part of our big day."

- Jenn and Greg Giesler

"Just a quick note to let you know how happy Eric and I are with the photography you did for our wedding! Everyone who has seen the proofs says they're some of the best wedding pictures they've seen. Thanks so much."

- Mary Helen & Eric Gregory


"Once again you have outdone yourself. Your pictures of our 50th Anniversary Party are great; so great, that we had a very hard time deciding which ones we want to include in our album."

-Philip Feld

"What wonderful pictures! Thank you for capturing the mood of our wedding day so beautifully! Rob & I love to gaze at our album and recall how incredibly happy we were to be with our friends & family. You did a fantastic job, one we'll treasure for a lifetime! Thank You!"

- Love, Carolyn Simpson

"Dear Joe & Valeta, Thank you again for all your hard work in trying to take so many quality photographs of our wedding as possible. After watching Valeta in action we wondered how any good wedding photographer survives without such an able assistant!"

- All the best from St. Lucia, Rachel & Al Gombis


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