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Tessmer of Fairfax is a family run business that

dates from the 1919. Below are a few articles

about the founder Waldo Schoessel, Joe Tessmer's


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Joseph Tessmer a Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman was prsented the Southeastern Award for "Outstanding Service and Siginificant Contributions to the Photographic Industry" by SEPPA president George Singleton.

Articles about Waldo Schoessel

Pam Cooper, the Supervisor, Archive Center & Genealogy Department of the Indian River County Main Library, 1600 21st Street, Vero Beach Fl 32960, tel 772-770-5060 x 4148 came across the articles below about my grandfather's photography business while doing reseach on the history of Vero Beach. I am thankful to her for giving me a glimpse at my family history. - Joe T.

Vero Beach Press Journal September 14, 1928

Schoessel Studio has Most Modern Methods

Mr. Waldo Schoessel, of the Schoessel Studio, returned Wednesday from the summer school of portrait photography at Winona Lake, Ind. Where he has been studying for the past month.  The school is maintained by the Professional Photographers Associaiton of America to give a carefully selected group of photographers a more complete specialized knowledge of portrait work.

Constant improvements in the technique of portrait work are being made, and the instruction includes those with special attention to the study of posing, composition, lighting and other factors which go toward making up the perfect portrait.

“The faculty of the school headed by Will H. Towles of Washington, D.C. included a number of the best photographers in the country, who gave us freely the ideas and practices they have worked out in their own studios.  The course included constant practice under there teachers, as well as lectures by them and others on the business of photography.

“The school is one of the largest of its kind in the world and the information observation and practice which I obtained there will, I am sure, reflect itself in better photographs. The work of this school, disseminating the latest applied knowledge of the photographic science, is a great force for the building up of our profession.” said Mr. Schoessel.

Vero Beach Press Journal December 3. 1929

Schoessel Studio has Modern Color Equipment

Color photography, the very newest thing in this line of work is now being done at the Schoessel Studio of this city.  Color photography, which is the basis of the beautiful color pictures in the National Geographic, Ladies Home Journal and other magazines is not done by tinting by hand, but the colors are registered by the camera.  The Schoessel Studio is doing this kind of work. 

No city on the east coast including those much larger than Vero Beach has a studio which excels the local studio in the modernity of its equipment, including lights, cameras, etc. As an example of the great strides which have been made in the profession of photography, the Schoessel Studio is now equipped to take pictures of children on the exposure of one tenth part of a second.  This is just five times as quick as was possible when natural light was used.  The new lights used in the studio make pictures independent of weather conditions; pictures may be taken at night as well as during the day.  Modern photography is a highly developed science, and Vero Beach has an studio that is keeping abreast with the times.

Joe Tessmer of Tessmer of Fairfax strives to be just as current today as his grandfather was almost a century ago.